Destiny Kids

Our Vision

We are expecting God to move and prepare a generation of disciples that will go ahead of us and turn the hearts of our nation to Christ.

  • We want our children to know who God is and have a personal relationship with Him.
  • We want to create a culture where children are learning to stand on God’s Word.
  • We want to offer an opportunity for them to grow in their relationship with Him, deepening in knowledge and faith.
  • We want to see our children filled with the Holy Spirit and actively moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • We want to see them producing fruit in their own lives as well as influencing the lives of others.
  • We believe that each team member will be confident in his or her role.
  • We want the opportunity for each team member to use and build on their gifts and passions within the team.
  • We believe that both the children and the team will stand together in unity.

About Us

Destiny Kids is run by a team of dedicated young people that love God and love kids. Each location has a Kids Team Leader who oversees the Children’s Ministry on a Sunday. This is your point of contact, as a parent, if you have any questions. They are all incredibly passionate people who love God and love leading children to Jesus.

All our team take time to connect with children pastorally and we abide by our Child Protection Policy.

Destiny Kids is aiming to transform children’s lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ, to inspire them and help them develop their gifts. We want to see all the children involved and experiencing the love of God, to help children cope with things like family break-up and help them find their identity and a deep sense of self-worth. Research shows that children that feel loved are healthier and develop stronger, making better choices in life.

In addition to ministering to children on Sundays, we also run holiday kids’ clubs, Christmas parties, Hallelujah parties (on Halloween), Family Services and children’s Growth Groups that take place alongside adults growth groups.

We want to help make your time with us as safe and memorable as possible.  Do your children have any special requirements, dietary, mobility, medical etc that it would be helpful for you to tell us about before they visit?  Please just email us ( or phone (0141 616 6777).  We look forward to hearing from you.

What Happens On Sundays

Before Children’s Church

If you want your kids to join us, come along to one of the locations and register your child. Registration opens half an hour before every service and parents are expected to stay on the location where possible. Please let the Kids Team know if your child has any allergies or special needs. All of our team members are PVG checked to work with children.

Please phone us on 0141 616 6777 for more information or if you want to register a child with special needs. Alternatively, you can get in touch via email:

We look forward to getting to know you and your kids.

Children at Destiny Church are greeted by Destiny Dog, the Destiny Dalmatian which is the mascot of Destiny Kids, whose sole purpose is to make sure the kids that come to Destiny Kids have fun and feel at home. After the offering, the Destiny Dog will usher all children to their rooms dancing to the Destiny Kids song. Destiny Church cares for all age groups and that is why children worship with adults and then after the offering follow the Destiny Dog to their age groups to be blessed by age-relevant, interactive teaching.

During Children’s Church

We have the following age groups (please click on the relevant campus you attend for the kids groups running there):

  • Parents and Baby Room (Ages 0 to 3 years): during the service, the sound is fed from the main auditorium into this room so that you can continue listening to the message. Here you will find lots of toys for your baby to play with. There are special high chairs on request in case you need to feed your child. There are also baby changing facilities in the disabled toilet.
  • UNDERS (Age 3 to 5 years): interactive Bible storytime, activities, snack time, arts and crafts, songs and movement. Children between 2 to 3 years are welcome – accompanied by an adult.
  • OVERS (Primary 1 to 7): large group time with music, a Bible story and role play elements; small group time with games, interaction and meaningful group talks and prayer time.

After Children’s Church

Please collect your children promptly after the service and then catch up with your friends. Due to safety reasons, children are not allowed to leave the children’s room on their own or with their siblings.

Destiny Church is committed to partnering with you as a parent/guardian, helping your children discover the bright future that is ours through Jesus Christ. We would like you to be part of that journey and, therefore, every parent is required to help at Kids Church once in every six to eight weeks – see what we do, help supervise and assist leaders during activities.

All the best for you and your family! You are doing an important and amazing job – and we are here to help you with our programme or pastoral care when needed. We look forward to welcoming your children.

Get Involved

If you are interested in joining our incredible team of children’s leaders, you need to do all of the following:

  1. Speak to the location Kids Leader at your site and explain you are interested.
  2. Arrange a time for you to accompany them on a visit to the Children’s Ministry.
  3. Decide which age group you would like to be involved with.
  4. Ask the location Kids Leader for a PVG disclosure pack.
  5. Fill out the pack and take it back to church the following Sunday with your three forms of ID. Take this to the location Leader.
  6. Once you have been signed off by our pastoral team and your disclosure is back, you will hear from your location Kids Leader
  7. Start your induction with your preferred age group.
  8. ENJOY