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Destiny – finding and fulfilling your God given purpose.


Ever wondered why you are here? Or even how you got here?

Does your life have purpose, significance or reason?

‘Today we still yearn to know why we are here and where we came from’

Stephen Hawking – A brief history of time

It is clearly a question we all ask.

If there is a reason, then, how do I find it?


Is there something unique about me? What make me, ME?

You can do what I can’t do, I can do what you can’t do, but together we can do great things.


Are you on track with destiny?

Recent research says that, 65% of people are doing a job they either hate or find no purpose in, and other research says that 70% of Christians will miss their purpose.

You have only got one life so don’t you want to make a life worth living?

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