Our Team

Meet some of our staff and key leadership team who look forward to meeting you around the church!

We also have a myriad of outstanding volunteers who serve throughout our locations in Glasgow and the wider region, they are the life of our church which makes up our Destiny family.

Andrew Owen

Senior Pastor, Destiny Church Glasgow

Andrew’s primary role is teaching pastor and senior team leader.
He is responsible for preparing the Word and messages that we hear most weeks, which usually follows a series for a few weeks on a particular subject. All of these things are designed to bring us into a living relationship with God, grow our faith and increase our effectiveness in life.
He works weekly with the senior leadership team of the church as they prayerfully seek to lead us all forwards in growing big and growing small at the same time. Growing big because there is a city to reach, growing small in meaningful relationships, because everyone counts and matters.

Sue Owen

Senior Pastor, Destiny Church Glasgow

Sue is the worship pastor and oversees multiple teams of musicians and worship leaders, who write lots of their own songs and lead us in a dynamic worship experience.
Sue also leads the women's ministry known as ‘Diamonds’, an initiative particularly focusing on encouraging, empowering and discipling women of all ages in all matters of faith, life, work and family.
Sue also regularly speaks both locally and further afield.

Johannes Schubert

EA to Pastors Andrew and Sue Owen, Communications Director

Johannes assists Pastor Andrew and Pastor Sue: providing support in scheduling, communications and travel. Further to this, he also oversees all communications and press matters.

Craig Denham

Lead Pastor & New Connections Ministry

Craig is both the lead pastor and new connections director.
He works closely with all the pastors in the church and is responsible for helping everyone connect with the church and grow on into it. He oversees the men and women who probably connected with you, the small groups in the church (known as Growth groups), and is on hand to make sure your questions are answered, and that your journey of faith continues into all that God intends it to be.

Phil Everitt

Life Group Pastor & BOLD 'Student' Ministry

Phil is overseeing the planting of Life Groups. He also oversees the Student & Young Adult's Ministry, BOLD, across the church.

Andy Brady

District Pastor, West End Location & Acting Dean, Destiny College

Andy is the District Pastor in West End. His role includes discipleship, teaching and preaching, prayerful guidance and pastoral care.

Ivan Squillino

Evangelist & Indian Orphanage Overseer

Ivan travels the country as an evangelist and oversees the work at the Indian Orphanage in Orissa. He also leads our prayer ministry and intercessors team.

Dave Thomson

Director of Counselling and Community Action

Dave oversees all aspects of counselling, education and practice around the Destiny Family. He has responsibility to direct and develop Community Action Ministries with the aim of changing lives and transforming communities.

Frances Sutherland

Destiny Angels Project Manager

Frances oversees and manages all Destiny Angels projects.

Daniel Owen

Executive Pastor

Daniel oversees all aspects of administration, finance and trust and legal matters pertaining to the church. He is also a regular and passionate preacher and teacher.

Peter Cocking

Assistant Manager

Pete manages multiple aspects of operational life for Destiny Church Glasgow and Destiny Ministries including financial administration, building and asset management, maintaining business policies and carrying out other various day to day business operations.

Louise Walls


Louise supports the church and staff team undertaking a wide range of administrative tasks to ensure the effective running of the church and the Destiny Community Counselling service.

Iain Dick

Online Resource Manager

Iain oversees the recorded audio and online aspects of Destiny Leadership Resources. Including podcasts, e-commerce and social media.