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We are very aware that the Bible teaches us that the words we speak and the things we say are extremely important and have a big influence on our lives. We read:

Words kill, words give life, they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. Proverbs 18:21 (MSG)

We end 2017 with gratitude and thanksgiving and welcome in 2018 declaring the following confession over the year ahead.

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, the Maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord. I believe in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, who is God with me, God within me. The Holy Spirit has been given to me because Jesus died on a cross and forgiven my sins, he has imputed to me His perfect righteousness and, therefore, I know God is for me.

Because I have entrusted my life by faith into His hands, and my plans for the year ahead are laid at His feet, I anticipate the blessings of God into every area of my life this year.

In 2018 I will bear much fruit, by which my Father is glorified.

In 2018 I know that my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.

In 2018 I shall expect the favour of God to surround me as with a shield, just as His word declares.

In 2018 I will plan to give over and above, for the Bible teaches me God always gives seed to the sower.

In 2018 we expect God to open doors of opportunity for us as Destiny Church to expand the great commission and get the WORD out.

In 2018 we, the church, expect God to add buildings, people, resources and increasing opportunities for the task ahead.

In 2018 I extend by faith the grace of God over my family and loved ones, for their salvation and protection.

In 2018 I will choose to live by faith – daily – in the Son of God who loves me and gave Himself for me.

In 2018 I will not be fearful, or given over to stress or anxiety for the Lord who is my shepherd is with me.

In 2018 I expect to walk in divine health, and so find strength from God for all He calls me to do. And pray for those who are sick and need to be healed.

In 2018 I will dwell habitually in God’s house the church, where there is divine covering, comfort, wisdom and protection.

In 2018 I determine to share with any, and all, this comforting hope and reassuring love I have found in Jesus.

In 2018 I will be ready to receive the all, and the many, that God will send our way.

In 2018 we will find more ways to help the poor, share what we have and be a positive resource near and far.
In 2018 we determine that this light Jesus has placed within us will shine brighter, even as the world gets darker.

In 2018 I shall expect the supernatural, divine interventions of God in my life.

In 2018 I declare with absolute confidence JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.



We would like to initiate some new ministries this year. Are any of these upcoming opportunities the very thing that you were made for?

Loneliness and isolation. This is a big need in our community.
• Bereavement counselling. A difficult time for many.
• Children’s and young people’s breakfast / tea time club.
• Children’s evangelistic outreach.
• New locations to achieve our 20/20 vision (20 locations by 2020 in Glasgow).
• New worship bands.
• New TV programmes produced in Glasgow.
• Relaunch of ‘Leading In Life’ programme.

If you are interested please call the church office 0141 616 6777 or email We look forward to hearing from you!



January 7th at 6pm

First Sunday with guest speaker Andy Hawthorne.
Southside location.

January 21st at 3.45pm

First week of ATTP (runs until 25th March).
Southside location.

January W/c 22nd

Week of Prayer and Fasting.

January 24th at 7.15pm

Regional Leaders’ Meeting.
Southside location.

January 26th at 7pm

City centre location.


BOLD is a movement of students and young adults taking the knowledge of Christ everywhere they go. Come and be part of this movement – we would love you to join us!

God is moving in the lives of those who are involved in BOLD. As I spend time with them I am seeing remarkable things as they walk with God and grow in a bold way. One girl I spoke to recently prayed for a person who was in a coma and they came out of it straight away. Some are preaching for the first time, others are doing street outreach and leading folk to Jesus. They are seeing healings, miracles, provision for houses and flats as well as jobs that release them to kingdom work and ministry.

I am finding unity and creativity, new ministries erupting with power and vision. I love that it is not just to help themselves – many are reaching those in need as part of the homeless street outreach. New people are joining BOLD and are passionate in worship and hungry for truth. They’re acting boldly in response to the pain, hurts and injustice they see around them. This is a people I am deeply encouraged by and these are the folk sitting next to you who are still figuring stuff out, still need a hug or a home cooked meal once in a while.

BOLD is a church moving generationally.

Would you like to be part of this awesome movement? If so, come and join our monthly services (next one takes place on Saturday 13th January at 6pm). We also meet weekly on Wednesdays in the city centre and the west end of Glasgow. For more details, visit our website Alternatively, if you would like to speak to me about BOLD please call the church office 0141 616 6777 and the team will connect you to me.

Pastor Phil



43/45 Bridge Street (ex Co-op), Linwood, Paisley, PA3 3DN

Volunteers needed – especially van drivers/helpers and ebay experts!

We sell pretty much everything including quality furniture, clothes, toys, DVDs/CDs/Books ornaments etc.

Come grab yourself a bargain and help support Destiny Angels and the Indian

Orphanage at the same time. Contact Eddie Kent on 01505 227350 or email



In February, on Thursday evenings,  Destiny College will be running a short course on Family Life.

We will be looking at areas like budgeting and how addictions can affect families, and how to navigate these issues.

We aim to have different groups with us too who work in these areas.

To find out more visit the Destiny College website or phone the team on 0141 552 9823.


Congratulations to all of you who were baptised on 3 December!

Olive Mutesi
Victor Adakomala
Bernice Adakomala
Adakomala Idowu O.Henry
Michelle Adakomala
Edna Okine
Ruvarashe Hungwe
Yasmin Love
Carole Mpiana
Malihe Saghgharghani
Hesam Kordi
Darren Phillips
Margaret Murray

Our next baptisms take place on Sunday 11 February at 6pm at our Southside location. If you would like to be baptised then please email reception@destinychurch. com or call 0141 616 6777.



Congratulations to Zengani and Gemma Chabinga on their marriage in December. God bless you as you start married life.


Thank You

From Pastor Andrew: A great big thank you for all the birthday cards, gifts and messages you sent to me as I celebrated my coming of age birthday.


Destiny Kids

Each of our locations run a children’s programme called Destiny Kids. It is run by a team of dedicated people who love God and love kids. Each location has a Children’s Pastor who oversees the Children’s Ministry on a Sunday.

For more details phone the church office 0141 616 6777.



Destiny Leadership Resources

Each of our locations run a children’s programme called Destiny Kids. It is run by a team of dedicated people who love God and love kids. Each location
has a Children’s Pastor who oversees the Children’s Ministry on a Sunday.
For more details phone the church office 0141 616 6777.



Destiny in Ayrshire

Destiny is back in Ayrshire with a mid-week Growth Group starting in January. We would love to welcome you! For more details call the church office 0141 616 6777.



Church Office – 0141 616 6777

Email –

Destiny Angels  – 0141 429 8757

Hopeline – 0333 900 0909

Charity Superstore – 01505 227 350

Visit our website –

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Destiny is one church but we hold services in several locations around the city and in Stirling

City Location

70 Cathedral Street
Glasgow G4 0RN
Sunday Service at 11am

Southside Location

1120 Pollokshaws Road
Glasgow G41 3QP
Sunday Service at 11.00am & 6pm

West End Location

New West End venue to be confirmed
Keep an eye on our website for details
Sunday service at 11am

Drumchapel Location

Drumchapel Community Centre
320 Kinfauns Drive
Glasgow G15 7HA
Sunday Service at 2.30pm

Rutherglen Location

Burgh Primary School
19 Victoria Road
Glasgow G73 1DS
Sunday Service at 11am

Maryhill Location

St Blane’s Primary School
23 Arrochar Drive
Glasgow G23 5QB
Service on the last Sunday of the month at 2pm

Stirling Location

Destiny Stirling
The Old Cinema
28 Allan Park
Stirling FK8 2LT
Sunday Service at 11am


70 Cathedral Street
City Centre
Glasgow G4 0RN
Takes place monthly on Saturdays
Next service is Saturday 13th January at 6pm


Runs simultaneously at 6pm on Fridays at:
Southside Location
1120 Pollokshaws Road
Glasgow G41 3QP


City Location
70 Cathedral Street
City Centre
Glasgow G4 0RN