We believe in the biblical principles of tithes and offerings.
Tithing, or giving ten percent of your income isn’t merely giving something to God, it’s giving back what was His to begin with. All that we have comes from Him. Tithing is a reminder that God is the supplier of everything and it teaches us to always put God first in our lives.
Beyond the tithe is a chance for you to be extravagantly generous. We have the privilege of partnering with God’s work in the world by using our gifts and resources through the local church.
By Standing Order 
If you would like to give by Standing Order, please contact your bank or use Internet Banking using the following details:

Tithes:     Sort Code:  83-44-00      Account No: 00127560     Name of Account:  Destiny Church Tithes 
Offering:  Sort Code: 83-44-00       Account No: 00127544     Name of Account:  Destiny Church Offering


If you have any questions regarding setting up a Standing Order please contact our Finance Team –
Sunday Services
You will find a Giving envelope on your seat at all our locations. If you are a UK taxpayer, don’t forget to register for Gift Aid!


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